Raja Sikandar Khan Joins Global Think Tank to Speak Out Against Human Trafficking at London Event

London: Raja Sikander Khan, the Chairman of the Kashmiri International outfit representing the diaspora and the renowned think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council, was honored as a guest speaker at the “STOP THE HUMAN TRAFFICKING” event in London. The event, organized by Dr. Sheikh Ramzy and his team, featured speakers from various backgrounds who all emphasized the urgent need to combat the multi-billion dollar trade in human trafficking. This appalling trade involves the kidnapping and smuggling of innocent men, women, and children, who are then subjected to slavery, forced labor, and sex trafficking in different parts of the world.

During the event, a brave survivor named Laurata shared her harrowing story of being a victim of human trafficking. Her experiences of being kidnapped and sold into the dark world of sex trade, enduring daily rapes and torture for six months, shed light on the unimaginable horrors faced by countless others in similar situations. Tragically, many victims, especially women and children, do not survive these atrocities.

In his speech, Chairman Raja Sikander urged people to unite and raise their voices against this inhumane and atrocious crime. He called upon attendees to take an oath to contribute within their capacities to put an end to this horrendous and ugly trade of human trafficking. The event served as a platform to create awareness and build solidarity in the global fight against this heinous trade, which preys upon the most vulnerable members of society.

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