Power consumers got inflated bills owing to NEPRA, Power Division ‘negligence’

Tariff was supposed to be raised from July 1; both entities delayed raising basic, multi-air tariff; notification issued on July 26.

A delay in the decision-making by the Power Division and the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has proved to be a shocker for the people.

Under an agreement with the IMF, the electricity tariff was supposed to be increased from July 1.

However, NEPRA and the Power Division delayed raising the basic tariff and multi-air tariff. Owing to the negligence of the Power Division and NEPRA, the notification was issued on July 26.

By July 26, 75 percent of consumers had been billed under the old tariff, sources said.

Sources from the division claim that when the consumers received the bills of July and August together, they felt a huge burden.

It should be noted that protests and strikes are being held across the country by various business organizations against inflated electricity bills and massive price hike.

Small and large commercial centers across the country, including Karachi, Peshawar, Sargodha, Sheikhupura, remained closed on Saturday.

The increase in electricity prices for various slabs in the country by 50% to 80% during the last one and a half years has perturbed the masses.

The tariff was increased by Rs15.41 during this period, while the tax on commercial bills is 78% and more than 50% on domestic consumers, as per a report on August 27.

The price of electricity for non-protected domestic consumers increased by 80%. The per-unit fare was raised from Rs13.48 to Rs24.39 with an increase of Rs10.91.

The bills for up to 200 units saw an increase of 60%. The unit that was available for Rs18.95 hiked to Rs30.86 with an increase of Rs11.91.

The tariff for consumers of 300 units was increased by Rs12.91 per unit, from Rs22.14 to Rs35.04.

For consumers of 400 units, the power tariff saw an increase of Rs14.41, and the per-unit cost rose to Rs39.94.

For those using 500 units and above, the tariff was raised by Rs15.41 per unit in one and a half years.

For the users of 700 units and above, the electricity tariff was increased to Rs50.63 per unit.

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