Monsoon fears

by Muhammad Ishaque Memon & Tando Muhammad Khan

Wise nations learn from their past and never repeat mistakes. Last year, Pakistan suffered unprecedented rains and floods that resulted in loss of lives and property, while there was a huge negative impact on several other domains of national life, such as education, economy and agriculture.

The monsoon is back, and heavy rains are expected once again. But, unfortu-nately, the provincial authorities, including the chief minister, do not seem concerned about the impending danger.
Some areas in the country are still inundated owing to the last year’s floods. How can the upcoming floods be controlled? This is a question that all government authorities must answer.

Although much time has been wasted, plans can still be made and executed to save the lives and property of public from the impending losses. A proactive approach is better than taking actions after the losses.

The floods last year wreaked havoc only because of lack of contingency planning and apathy of those who were responsible for taking preventive measures.

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