MBS—the 37-year-old fearless ruler of present era

Recently, the Washington Post has made an alarming revelation about the relationship between the United States and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the light of secret documents, due to which the soul of Shah Faisal Shaheed may be getting comfort. There was a time when the United States kept threatening Saudi Arabia and today his 37-year-old nephew Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud is threatening the United States.
The American newspaper Washington Post wrote it as follows. This story began when the current American president, Biden went on a visit to Saudi Arabia and this is the first time that a major figure will not be picked up at the airport. President Biden on his part would increase pressure on Saudi Arabia not to reduce oil production. President Biden was welcomed with a hard response by Mohammed Bin Salman which was a blunt message contrary to American expectations.
After the meeting, a one-to-one meeting was held and a general statement was made that both the countries will work together. Now go through the secret documents of the meeting of this visit. The Washington Post revealed that actually in this meeting, Mohammed Bin Salman warned President Biden in harsh words, if you ask us to increase oil production again, we will do everything to harm your livelihood.
President Biden was very angry, but the delegation told him that Saudi Arabia is in a better position at the moment. We should not anger him. And we will have to bear the loss.
When Mohammed bin Salman made these two blunt threats, President Biden wondered if it was Saudi Arabia that was our greatest ally and is threatening us today.
Today, it has been 9 months, during this period, the United States did not make any statement against Saudi Arabia, but several delegations also visited Saudi Arabia. The American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Saudi Arabia and said that the American citizens thanked him for withdrawing security from Sudan. That threat of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman worked.
Mohammed bin Salman ignored all the pressure and built relations with Iran, which is considered to be the biggest enemy of the United States. At the same time, they restored relations by inviting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to participate in the Arab League. He completely ignored all American pressure. This bold step of Mohammed bin Salman is a good example for all the Muslim Ummah to make their own decisions. America is not everything. We can survive even without the American umbrella. There is no doubt that America still has influence on some countries. Mohammed bin Salman did this very intelligently and when on one side America and China’s economic war is going on, on the other hand, the United States of America and the European Union are in a state of war with Russia in the Ukraine war, and Russia has cut off the European Union’s gas supply. The whole of Europe is suffering from an energy crisis. In these circumstances, the bold decisions made by Saudi Arabia are not appreciated as much as they should be. Mohammed bin Salman took advantage of the global situation and gave a blunt and clear position to the United States that if the United States again said to increase oil production, then Saudi Arabia will also deal a blow to its economy. A 37-year-old young man came who showed great wisdom on the regional map as well as on the world map.
In 1973, when the Arab-Israeli war was going on, the United States supported Israel, at that time Saudi Arabia was not so strong in terms of defense. Then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote a threatening letter to King Faisal, which was delivered by a CIA agent to King Faisal’s son, Turki al-Faisal, stating that if Saudi Arabia did not restore oil supplies. So we went to the end. Turkey gave this letter to Shah Faisal and he said that Allah will bless us. Shah Faisal paid the price of this threat with his life, but he did not bow down to America and today his soul will be happy that America will ever used to threaten the country, today his 37-year-old nephew Mohammed bin Salman threatened the United States to live in their own time or else they will strike US economy.
At this time, Mohammed bin Salman needs great support and protection, may God bless him and the Saudi people.

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