Kazakh and Azerbaijani Presidents Discuss Bilateral Cooperation and Investment Prospects

Astana: President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev recently held discussions with the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, highlighting the robust bilateral relations between the two nations.
President Tokayev conveyed his congratulations to President Aliyev on his resounding victory in the recent presidential elections in Azerbaijan. He also extended his best wishes for the upcoming COP-29 summit slated to be held in Baku in 2024.
The talks underscored the significant strides made in Kazakh-Azerbaijani cooperation, with both leaders expressing satisfaction at the rapid progress and the successful implementation of joint ventures and major projects.
Key areas of discussion encompassed trade, economic collaboration, transit, transport, energy cooperation, as well as cultural and humanitarian exchanges. Both leaders emphasized the importance of continued cooperation in digitalization, food security, and renewable energy sources.
Furthermore, they explored the potential for launching groundbreaking investment initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth in both Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
The discussions between President Tokayev and President Aliyev reaffirm the unwavering commitment of both nations to further enhance their bilateral ties and explore new avenues for mutual prosperity and development.

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