Kashmiri Leaders in Exile Unite for Freedom: Post-Abrogation of Article 370

Islamabad: Kashmiri Leaders in exile, Diaspora and base camp role post 5th August 2019, since abrogation of article 370, vital for Kashmir freedom movement.

These views were expressed during dinner hosted in honor of Senior leader of the Kashmiri Freedom Movement from London, Nazir Ahmad Qureshi, by Kashmiri political and social leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat.

Convener All Parties Hurriyat Conference Mahmood Ahmed Sagar, Kashmiri leaders Tanveer ul Islam, Altaf Hussain Wani, Muhammad Hussain Khatib, Ijaz Rahmani, Malik Hassan, Abdul Mateen, Professor Yaqoob Wani, Khurshid Mir, Sanaullah Dar, Rasheed Qureshi and Malik Aslam also participated.

During the occasion, discussions were held concerning the current situations in Kashmir and Palestine, with attendees expressing their deep concerns over the ongoing challenges faced by these regions. The exchange of ideas and perspectives highlighted the pressing need for global attention and support to address the issues at hand.

Convener APHC Mehmood Ahmed Saghar appreciated Altaf Ahmed Bhat for this exclusive and important gathering held in honor of Nazir Ahmed Qureshi at Bhat’s residence.
He also commended the dedication and commitment of Nazir Ahmed Qureshi, and said that through APHC Platform Kashmir freedom movement will be stronger and garner support throughout the world. While APHC with the collaboration of other experienced kashmiri community leaders will work for the proper rehabilitation and support in field of education, health and other amenities for the displaced and refugees from Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir living in different refugee camps and cities of AJK and Pakistan with the help of government of Pakistan and AJK.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat gave suggestion and ideas for immediate rehabilitation and support for poor and needy displaced and refugees, which was appreciated by all the participants. It has been unanimously suggested that as soon as possible project based rehabilitation and support to the displaced and refugees especially for students shall be started

Altaf Ahmed Bhat also said that Nazir Ahmad Qureshi’s leading role for Kshmir cause in UK and Gulf countries is commendable. His dedication to the cause of Kashmiri rights and their struggle for freedom from Indian occupation is an inspiration to all.

The leaders also expressed that as post 5th August New Delhi has jailed all hurriyat leaders and other freedom seekers therefore the role of kashmiri leaders in Exile, diaspora community and Government of base camp has become vital to take lead with unity and work on all fronts for kashmir freedom.

The attendees spoke in unison, emphasizing the imperative need to empower the Government of State of Azad Jammu and to transform the State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir a true “Base Camp” for Kashmir Freedom Movement enabling them to be actively engaged on all fronts of the freedom struggle.

Additionally, they called upon the governments of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan to enact proper and legislation aimed at the rehabilitation of the displaced, and those who have been compelled by Indian forces to refuge, living in areas such as different camps of Azad Kashmir, Rawalpindi, Taxila, Karachi, Sialkot, Lahore and other Cities of Pakistan.

The attendees were unanimous in their belief that the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) stands as a symbol of the Kashmir Freedom Movement. They stressed the vital need to strengthen the APHC from various fronts, including Srinagar, Muzaffarabad, Islamabad, and the United Kingdom,Turkey, Gulf Countries and America, to fortify its role in advancing the cause of Kashmiri self-determination and promoting unity among Kashmiri leaders across these key regions.

At the conclusion of the gathering, the attendees offered heartfelt prayers for the betterment, peace, and prosperity of Pakistan, and fervently sought freedom and justice for the people of Kashmir and Palestine. Their collective hope was for a future where the region can experience lasting harmony, security, and the realization of their long-cherished aspirations.

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