Justin Bieber expresses gratitude to his wife Hailey on her birthday: ‘I consider myself fortunate!’

Justin Bieber conveyed warm birthday wishes to his wife, Hailey Bieber, accompanied by a heartfelt tribute.

“Happy birthday, baby. You bring joy to life,” expressed the “Sorry” singer via Instagram on Wednesday.

“And I consider myself fortunate to have all of you 😍.”

Justin shared an affectionate black-and-white video, planting a gentle kiss on the model’s forehead before engaging in an upside-down kiss reminiscent of the iconic scene from “Spider-Man” in 2002.

Hailey also took a moment to acknowledge those who sent her birthday greetings.

“Thank you for all the birthday wishes,” she conveyed on her Instagram Story. “27 feels incredibly comfortable,” she added.

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