Jennifer Love Hewitt criticizes the perception of aging in Hollywood following scrutiny over being deemed ‘unrecognizable’ in altered photos.

Jennifer Love Hewitt openly discusses the challenges of aging in the public eye.

The 44-year-old 9-1-1 actress recently appeared on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, addressing criticism regarding her appearance after revealing a new dark bob on Instagram this past autumn.

Hewitt highlighted the difficulties of aging in Hollywood, noting the impossibility of meeting expectations. She recounted the aftermath of sharing a filter-enhanced selfie taken during a hair appointment, which unexpectedly stirred controversy.

The actress clarified that the filter she used was a spontaneous choice in the salon, without much forethought. However, the response was overwhelming, with comments claiming she appeared “unrecognizable” and even suggesting she resorted to filters due to her supposed appearance in her 40s.

To mock the criticism, she posted more pictures, this time playfully using exaggerated filters, yet faced further negativity. Regardless of her attempts to respond humorously, Hewitt found herself unable to satisfy the critics.

When questioned about why she pays attention to negative comments, Hewitt emphasized the inevitability of acknowledging such criticisms, stating that pretending otherwise would be dishonest.

Acknowledging the positive responses she receives, Hewitt highlighted that the majority of people have been supportive, having grown up with her and witnessing similar changes in themselves.

However, she admitted that negative comments about her appearance affect her, especially as a mother of a daughter. Hewitt expressed concern about the messages being conveyed to women, particularly about the pressure to maintain a youthful appearance.

Reflecting on her earlier years, Hewitt admitted feeling insecure in her twenties, feeling pressured to fulfill various roles and grappling with being objectified as “sexy” before understanding the concept. She emphasized her growth from that uncertain, insecure young woman to her present self at 44, embracing her appearance as it is.

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