ISLAMABAD, Federal Minister of Energy, Dr. Musadiq Masood Malik and French Deputy Head of Mission in Pakistan, Guillaume Dabouis on Thursday discussed potential avenues of collaboration in Pakistan’s energy sector

In Islamabad, the Federal Minister of Energy, Dr. Musadiq Masood Malik, and the French Deputy Head of Mission in Pakistan, Guillaume Dabouis, met on Thursday to explore potential areas of collaboration within Pakistan’s energy sector.

During their discussion, the Deputy Head of Mission conveyed France’s strong interest in investing in various facets of Pakistan’s energy industry. This interest spanned from providing LNG cargo to exploring energy resources, as well as supporting projects aimed at bolstering energy trading, distribution, and transmission across the country, according to a press release.

Furthermore, he expressed a desire to engage in initiatives aimed at reducing line losses and revitalizing Pakistan’s energy sector holistically.

Dr. Musadiq Masood Malik reiterated his dedication to addressing Pakistan’s persistent energy challenges comprehensively, emphasizing the Prime Minister’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the performance of critical sectors including Energy, Finance, Commerce, Industries & Production, and Communication.

He underscored the significance of agriculture to Pakistan’s economy, highlighting the Prime Minister’s determination to modernize this sector through the integration of AI and Machine Learning technologies.

In alignment with the Prime Minister’s vision, the entire cabinet is resolute in its efforts to implement substantial changes for Pakistan’s sustained growth and prosperity.

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