International Advocacy for Kashmir’s Freedom Gains Momentum

Islamabad: In a resolute display of solidarity and determination, members of Tehreek Azadi Kashmir, led by Raja Najabat Hussain, are actively championing Pakistan’s agenda on the international stage. Embracing the cause of a free Kashmir and the realization of Pakistan’s dream, these dedicated individuals, including both Kashmiris and Pakistanis living abroad, are fervently fighting for their cause across international forums.

Speaking at an event organized in his honor by Abdul Qadir, Chairman of the Youth Association of Pakistan, Raja Najabat Hussain passionately expressed the commitment of the diaspora. He hailed the unwavering dedication of the late Kashmiri Hurriyat leader, Syed Ali Geelani, in striving for the freedom of Kashmiris and the fulfillment of Pakistan’s destiny. Hussain acknowledged that Geelani’s enduring sacrifices had etched the powerful motto, “We are Pakistanis, and Pakistan is ours,” into the hearts of the entire Kashmiri nation.

Paying tribute to Syed Ali Shah Geelani on his second death anniversary, Hussain joined the call for Geelani’s body to be returned to his heirs, ensuring his burial in the martyrs’ graveyard. He emphasized the importance of following Geelani’s path to achieve freedom and stated that it was only by adhering to his mission that true freedom could be attained.

Geelani’s lifelong dedication to the dream of Kashmiri freedom and the fulfillment of Pakistan’s destiny resonates deeply with his compatriots. Even in the face of adversity within Indian prisons, he remained steadfast in his commitment to the cause.

The Kashmiri nation, as well as the people of Occupied Kashmir, are assured that the internationally recognized Kashmir case will have a resounding impact. This collective effort seeks to end human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and garner support from international political leaders. Unity among Kashmiris is paramount, and the tireless pursuit of this goal continues.

Raja Najabat Hussain, honored with the Star of Pakistan for his tireless efforts in highlighting the Kashmir movement on the global stage, is a beacon of hope. His leadership guides the younger generation, imparting a deeper understanding of the movement’s significance.

Dr. Owais bin Wasi underscores the role of immigrants in championing the cause, advocating for the creation of academic materials to expose India’s atrocities through social media. Dr. Inayat Kaleem stresses the importance of presenting Kashmir’s plight to the international community through various digital channels.

Dr. Afzal Babar urges the inclusion of the Kashmir movement in educational curricula to ensure that the younger generation is well-informed about its history and sacrifices. Manzoor Shah reminds us that peace in the region hinges on the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

In closing, Raja Najabat Hussain reiterates Pakistan’s integral connection to the freedom of Kashmir. The struggle continues, unwavering in its pursuit of both Kashmir’s freedom and Pakistan’s fulfillment.

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