HEC Issues Alert Against Educational Visa Fraud

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken a proactive stance to curb the rising cases of educational visa fraud that have left students and parents vulnerable. As per recent reports, gangs of scammers, with some members hailing from Sialkot, have been manipulating the student visa processing system.

Reports quote insider sources from HEC stating that these networks are employing various tactics, such as offering guaranteed admission, demanding exorbitant fees, and making false promises of scholarships. To combat this rampant issue, HEC has issued a stern warning to students and their guardians.

The commission emphasizes the importance of verifying the registrations of foreign universities with the relevant accrediting body and suggests direct communication with the concerned educational institutions or the embassy for accurate information.

HEC further urges applicants to verify any claims related to academic programs, scholarships, and visa prerequisites. As students pursue their dreams of studying abroad, vigilance and thorough research have become crucial shields against educational visa fraud.

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