GDA labels the election as “anti-state” and announces plans for a sit-in on February 16th

Islamabad: The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) strongly opposes the recent elections, denouncing them as detrimental to the state’s interests. They announce plans for a sit-in protest set for February 16th.

During a press briefing, GDA leader Pir Pagara criticizes the election outcome, alleging manipulation in favor of certain parties. He stresses the importance of rejecting what he perceives as unjust electoral practices and calls on young people to join the protest at Hyderabad Bypass.

Pagara refuses to accept seats acquired through unfair methods, rejecting suggestions to dissolve the GDA alliance. He reaffirms the alliance’s commitment to combating electoral injustices, asserting that neither personal affiliations nor external pressures will sway their stance.

Furthermore, GDA spokesperson Safdar Abbasi announces that two of their party’s Sindh Assembly members will abstain from taking the oath, opting instead to protest outside the assembly premises during the meeting.

The discontent within the GDA reflects broader dissatisfaction in political circles, with Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Ameer Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman also resigning in protest.

Several political parties express concerns over the election results, leading to court hearings on challenges to the outcomes.

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