G20 Summit was a diplomatic disaster for Modi’s India, Raja Sikander Khan

London: UK based Kashmiri International outfit representing the diaspora and world renowned think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Chairman Raja Sikander Khan giving statement to the journalists today stated that G20 Summit was a total diplomatic disaster for the Indian Goverment as India has received one of the biggest blow since the fascist Modi’s goverment came to power in 2014 as the most powerful countries of G20 boycotted the G20 summit which was hosted by India in disputed territory Srinagar of jammu & Kashmir.
China, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Turkey collectively denounced the invitation and objected to the the Indian Government for holding the G20 summit in Srinagar of Illegally Indian z occupied Jammu & Kashmir.
The people of Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir have been suffering since last 75 years by the hands of brutal Indian Armed Forces and After a long period of silence by the UN on the Kashmir dispute, a 2018 OHCHR report shocked the world. This report consisted of 49 pages with authenticated facts of human rights violations, extra-judicial killing, and abduction, the use of pellet guns, rape, and torture in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The report covers the said incidents between July 2016 and April 2018.
There had been credible reports from Amnesty International, Human right Watch and the Office of the Commissioner of Human Rights UN which equate to as follows,

Total killings – 100,178
Custodial killings – 8,532
Civilians arrested – 164,931
Structure destroyed/damaged – 109, 247
Women widowed – 22,899
Children orphaned – 107,758
Women gang-raped / molested – 11,107
Pellet guns injuries – 3,800

Chief Raja Sikander Khan in his concluding remarks requested the international community not to turn a blind eye to the human rights voilations and atrocities committed upon innocent people of Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir and International community must demand a full stop to the human rights voilations on innocent people of Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir and India must give these innocent people their fundamental birth right of self determination.

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