Ethiopia-Pakistan Bilateral Talks: Strengthening Media Cooperation for Cultural Exchange

Islamabad: H.E. Jemal Beker Abdula, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Pakistan, met with H.E. Murtaza Solangi, Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs in Islamabad. Discussions centered on mutual interests, emphasizing bilateral cooperation in information and broadcasting.

Ambassador Abdula expressed interest in fostering collaboration between state broadcasters to exchange information and promote culture and tourism. He highlighted the importance of countering hybrid warfare by disseminating accurate information and stressed the need for joint efforts to present the true image of both nations through various media formats.

Acknowledging Ethiopia’s thriving media sector and its role as a gateway to Africa, Abdula suggested that Ethiopia could play a pivotal role in connecting Pakistan with the African continent.

Minister Solangi praised Ethiopia’s economic progress under Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s leadership and recognized Ethiopia’s critical role in the Look Africa Initiative. The minister proposed initiatives to strengthen media cooperation between the two nations and assured full support in promoting Ethiopian culture in Pakistan.

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