Deputy Commissioner Rawlakot, Syed Mumtaz Kazmi, Engages in Productive Talks with Renowned Social Activist Khadija Zareen Khan

Rawlakot: In a significant development, Deputy Commissioner Syed Mumtaz Kazmi of Rawlakot recently held a crucial meeting with Khadija Zareen Khan, a prominent social worker and Chairperson of the ZED Foundation. The meeting, which took place in Poonch, delved into pressing issues affecting the local community.

Key topics of discussion included educational challenges, concerns related to paper marking, issues with land mafias, the impact of self-constructed inflation, and encroachments on cemetery lands. Khadija Zareen Khan, known for her advocacy and philanthropic work, highlighted the importance of good governance as the linchpin for resolving public issues. She stressed that effectively addressing multiple challenges with limited resources is a true testament to administrative capability.

Poonch, with its unique geographical dynamics, presents distinctive challenges for the administrative team. Despite the prevailing circumstances, Khadija Zareen Khan commended Deputy Commissioner Mumtaz Kazmi for his unwavering dedication and exceptional competence in managing responsibilities.

The meeting signifies a collaborative effort between the administrative and social sectors to address and overcome the various challenges faced by the community. Stay tuned for more updates as developments unfold in this ongoing dialogue between local authorities and community leaders.”

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