Biography of the Charming Pakistani songster, Ali Imtiaz

Pakistan’s music industry is filled with such gems who have contributed a lot to the art of singing. Ali Imtiaz is one of them.
Ali Imtiaz is Pakistani Singer songwriter. He is also a Content Creator and digital marketer by profession. He currently resides in UAE.

Ali Imtiaz has recorded several songs which was hits. He is having an amazing vocal belting techniques. He gave numbers of chart topping songs to the industry. Most of his hit album songs have been written by himself so he proved himself as a good lyricist as well. Ali Imtiaz, the charming songster made influence with his very first song Kaisay Jeeyain with shayar fame Sarmad Qadeer. He has used his own poetry in this song. He has a large number of fans all over the country. He has won the hearts of millions and billions of people with his magical and soulful voice not just in Pakistan but all around the globe.
Ali Imtiaz has the voice behind many beautiful songs which is written as well as sung by him. He has an extraordinary range of vocal abilities and can perform at a high level of intensity for several hours. Ali Imtiaz is a Singer, music composer Songwriter and likewise Music Producer. Since his childhood, he was fond of Singing and took his dream thoughtfully and made his name in the music industry.
Here is a list of his songs which is written as well as sung by him.
Kaisay Jeeyain – cover. First ever song. with shayar fame Sarmad Qadeer
He has used his own poetry in this song.

Song “Yaad Aata hai “is also sung and written by Him.
He has sung this song with singer & actress Aliha Chaudhry.
The music of the song is by Saad Sultan.

Dil Dewana is the first song that he wrote at age 16. Singer
He sung the Song Aghaaz – with one of his college friends Hasan Naeem. This song is also written by himself.
The Music of this song is by Krypton Guys & Ali Imtiaz

Laut Aana is also written by him and he sung this song with Nazish.
The remix of the song is by Krypton Guys
Apart from singing and composing, Ali Imtiaz also works as a digital marketer.
Because of the unique combination of planning, creativity and management, he has worn many hats. He masters a wide range of skills and tools in order to stay on top of the ever-growing digital media channels. He shares his brand’s insights to his many online followers via social media. He is more than happy to share his marketing advice with those who seek it out. He prides himself on being one of the early pioneers of digital marketing as he knows a lot about digital marketing.
In short he is one of the great personalities who manages his professions as well as his name in the music industry. He creates content on personal development and navigating life as a musician. His every achievement and small talk is now seen on all platforms. He proved that one can manage his profession with his hobbies and art if they really want to achieve something extraordinary.
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