Bilal Lashari finally Announces Legend Of Maula Jatt Release Date

For the past 10 years, people have been waiting for the most anticipated movie in Pakistani cinema “The Legend of Maula Jatt”. Ever since Bilal Lashari announced the movie back in 2011, things were not in his favor because a lot of hurdles and problems came in his way.

The movie’s release is delayed for various reasons, from legal to pandemic battles, but now fans can take a deep breath because Bilal has announced the release date of his much-awaited movie.

October 13th, that’s the date when stars Fawad Khan as the titular character Maula Jatt, while Mahira plays Mukko. The remake will also have Hamza Ali Abbasi as Maula Jatt’s arch-rival, Noori Nath.

The moment Bilal officially announced the date over his social media handle, fans went crazy and couldn’t resist their excitement for the movie. Hamza was on top of the trending table and people began tweeting to share their happiness.

Fan’s reaction over the Legend of Maula Jatt release date
One of the fans tweeted, “Finally the long-awaited movie is going to release very soon. #MaulaJatt is to be released on 13th October. Waiting for the movie now.”

Another fan wrote, “This film #MaulaJatt is going to break every single Pakistani box office record and set a new benchmark. Good luck to @AmmaraHikmat & team.”

Some even criticized the release by stating, “If maula jatt doesn’t release this time, Phir usse kabhi bhi release nahi hona chahiye(then it shouldn’t be released ever).”

One fan also paid tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala who was shot dead. She tweeted, “Sidhu might be no more, but the culture of jatt caste pride is more than individuals & borders, especially with ‘jatt’ increasingly being conflated with ‘rural’ identity instead of caste.

The much-awaited Maula Jatt movie from the cult franchise finally has a release date.”

No doubt there might be chances that this movie might be the biggest blockbuster of Pakistan in terms of profit. “So the legend of maula jatt is finally coming to the big screens. Surely the first movie with 100 crore box office collection.”

Even celebrities are also ready for the mega-blockbuster and couldn’t believe that Ammarah Hikmat’s production is all set to hit the theatres! Meesha Shafi, Uzair Jaswal, and Armeena Khan quipped under Lashari’s announcement post. It’s considered that it can be Pakistan’s most expensive film yet.

A user shared, “Variety has written about The legend of Maula Jatt as well. This one movie has been in the pipeline for a long now. It could possibly change Pakistani cinema’s direction forever. So many hopes are associated with it. Let this be the one that drags us out of slapstick comedies.”

In his previous interview, Bilal Lashari told that “The film transcends cultural and linguistic divides. A Sindhi will enjoy it as much as any Punjabi. The content will be very palatable to the new generation that in times to come will extend the immortality of the fictional characters, Maula And Noori.”

At the same time, he also warned viewers about the violence in the film which might not be able to digest for some people. “Parents might not find the film suitable for their kids because of the graphic nature of a few scenes so I would strictly advise against bringing children to the cinema. I would advise the faint-hearted and big babies to stay home,” he said.

He further shared, “The movie aims to bring a contemporary take to the cult screen characters of Maula Jatt and Noori Nath. Said to be the country’s most expensive production to date, the movie is set to become not only a production marvel in Pakistani cinema but will take the fighting style unique to the east.”

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