Actresses Are Not Prostitutes: Mariyam Nafees Takes a Stand Against Inappropriate Demands

Mariyam Nafees has had enough. The actress recently vented her frustration on her Instagram Stories, exposing the numerous individuals making unwarranted advances towards her due to the misguided belief that the media industry somehow condones such behavior.

Mariyam began by sharing a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation, where a random number messaged her after spotting her at the LUX Style Awards. The individual asked if they could meet and, shockingly, suggested it was for “personal time” with a price tag she could name.

An incensed Mariyam promptly responded, “Bet your mom is ashamed to have a child like you.” She firmly reprimanded the individual, labeling them as a “swine” and emphasizing that not every woman can be bought. She posted the conversation on her Story, asserting, “Whether married or not, this never stops! Actresses are not prostitutes!” In a subsequent screenshot, she shared the individual’s details, vowing to expose them all.

In another screenshot, Mariyam shared a conversation from Facebook Messenger, where an individual discussed “political level parties and bold shoots.” To this, Mariyam retorted, “Go solicit elsewhere!” She posted the screenshot on her Instagram Story and questioned, “Is everyone engaging in the same behavior?”

As her screenshots generated many questions and opinions, Mariyam created a question tab on Instagram to clarify her stance to her audience. When asked if she had tracked down any of the culprits, she revealed, “Apparently, pimps and debauchees! Some have even apologized after being exposed. Yes, my ‘people’ are tracking them down.”

One Instagram user expressed appreciation for Mariyam’s stand. “It’s not about being an actress; it’s about being a woman. I am proud of you for being a woman. Stay strong,” they commented. Mariyam responded, “Thank you! Yes, this happens to non-actresses as well, and no matter what people say, I will expose them every single time.”

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