Xi Jinping and Putin exchange New Year greetings over the phone

Chinese President Xi Jinping engaged in a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, ahead of the Chinese New Year. It has become a tradition for the two leaders to exchange greetings at this time of year, reflecting on the progress of bilateral relations and looking forward to the future, stated Xi.

Xi emphasized that China and Russia have faced various challenges together in the past but now embrace new opportunities for development. He expressed China’s readiness to collaborate with Russia in enhancing global governance for fairness and reasonability, promoting true multilateralism, and advocating for an equal and orderly multipolar world and inclusive economic globalization, aiming to contribute positively to building a shared future for humanity.

In response, Putin affirmed Russia’s adherence to the one-China principle and its opposition to any provocative actions concerning Taiwan that could endanger China.

Separately, Chinese President Xi Jinping extended Spring Festival greetings to all Chinese citizens at a reception in Beijing. He highlighted the achievements made in the outgoing Year of the Rabbit, despite facing a complex international environment and challenging domestic tasks. Xi praised progress in various sectors including economic recovery, technological innovation, ecological improvement, and reform efforts.

He emphasized China’s stance on Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan issues, stressing opposition to separatist activities and external interference. Xi also commended China’s efforts in global diplomacy, adding certainty and positive energy to an uncertain world.

Looking ahead to the Year of the Dragon, Xi underscored the importance of adhering to stability while seeking progress, enhancing economic vitality, deepening reforms, and fostering entrepreneurship and creativity. He invoked the symbolism of the dragon, representing the Chinese nation’s spirit of resilience and determination for modernization and rejuvenation.

Xi expressed hope that in the Year of the Dragon, Chinese citizens would continue to strive for progress, contributing to the advancement of Chinese modernization. The Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year, is set to occur on February 10 this year.

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