We don’t see Vladimir Putin the way Western warmongers do

Western warmongers won’t take responsibility for worldwide notoriety; they are continuing under numerous excuses because they have succeeded in holding almost the entire world under their evil clutches of captivity. In their eyes, Russia is a evil country and Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal”, just because, they have failed to cow-tow heroic Russians and could not buy Vladimir Putin or get him onboard in their notorious agenda of spreading web of terror throughout the world and loot weaker nations – such as Ukraine. Many people may think, US President Joe Biden is poking his nasty nose in Ukraine for salvaging Ukrainians from “possible foreign invasion”.

In reality – it is just the opposite. Americans are in Ukraine to push the country towards total destruction and ruin and loot valuable wealth thus finally turning it into a bankrupt or failed nation. In this agenda, Biden – a man who is termed as “Satan’s secret weapon” by Catholic leaders found his best concubine or collaborator in Volodymyr Zelensky – a culprit who lacks minimal patriotism and available for selling his soul in exchange for personal gain. In my opinion – Zelensky is one of the greediest individuals who is trading on his own motherland and the people, simply in exchange for personal gains. Even officials at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been consistently raising objections stating Volodymyr Zelensky is a thief who has been continuously stealing Western aid money and sending it to secret bank accounts. Unfortunately, such reports are being consistently buried by the Western corporate media cartels and their lapdogs in the world.

Recently, popular American journalist Tucker Carlson interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to media sources, back in 2021, possibly at the instructions of Joe Biden, members of his Al Capone administration and some of the thugs inside the Democratic Party asked the infamous NSA to hack Tucker Carlson’s phone, where they discovered Carlson was planning an interview with President Putin. Now European Union lawmakers are calling for sanctions, including a travel ban, on American journalist Tucker Carlson for conducting an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin that no one has even seen yet.

Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian Prime Minister and strong Brexit opponent who currently serves in the European Parliament, told Newsweek: “As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well”.

Carlson, who was seen at the Kremlin recently, said on February 6, 2024 that he would soon publish his interview with President Putin. Carlson also said he asked Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky for an interview but has not heard back.

Tucker Carlson said in a video statement: “Most Americans have no idea why Putin invaded Ukraine or what his goals are now. We are not here because we love Vladimir Putin…. We are not encouraging you to agree with what Putin may say in this interview, but we are urging you to watch it. You should know as much as you can”.

Guy Verhofstadt has called for the EU to explore imposing a “travel ban” on Carlson and described the former Fox News host as “a mouthpiece” of former President Donald Trump and Putin.

Newsweek noted: “The EU’s External Action Service (EAS) is the bloc’s diplomatic arm, responsible for foreign policy. For an individual to be added to the EU’s sanctions list, evidence must be presented to the EAS for review. If deemed sufficient, the EAS can then present the case to the European Council — the body made up of EU national leaders — which takes the final decision on whether to impose sanctions”.

EU parliament member Urmas Paet said: “Carlson wants to give a platform to someone accused of crimes of genocide — this is wrong. If Putin has something to say he needs to say it in front of the ICC. At the same time Carlson is not being a real journalist since he has clearly expressed his sympathy for the Russian regime and Putin and has constantly disparaged Ukraine, the victim of Russian aggression. So, for such propaganda for a criminal regime, you can end up on the list of sanctions. This concerns primarily a travel ban to EU countries”.

One may ask – why the warmonger leaders in the West are mad at Carlson for interviewing President Putin. Is it because they consider Carlson a threat to them? Or are they afraid of President Vladimir Putin? In this case, my response would be – none of the Western nations believe in freedom of press or freedom of expression. Their formula of such “freedoms” are different from global perception. In their ideology – the terminology “freedom” stands for total submission and serving their evil agendas. Unfortunately, a large number of media outlets even in the Global South are parroting the propaganda of the Western propaganda machines. While they are competing in wrongly portraying Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal”, it is our responsibility to strongly counter such lies. As members of the media, it is our noble responsibility.

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