Unanswered Appeals for Justice in Kashmir: The Handwara Massacre, 34 Years On

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Handwara massacre, a somber episode in Kashmir’s history. According to local media reports, on January 25, 1990, Indian security forces allegedly killed over 30 Kashmiris and left hundreds injured during a protest.

This incident, shrouded in controversy, continues to be a contentious issue. Kashmiri activists and media outlets contend that the protest was peaceful, accusing security forces of using disproportionate force and withholding medical assistance to the injured.

Human Rights Watch expresses concerns about potential underreporting of casualties by the Indian government, pointing to a lack of filing a First Information Report (FIR) that hampers investigations. Despite ongoing protests and appeals, justice for the victims of the Handwara massacre remains elusive even after 34 years.

The perceived inaction of the Indian Supreme Court adds to the frustration and anger among Kashmiris. Reports from organizations like Al Jazeera claim that over 100,000 innocent Kashmiris have fallen victim to Indian forces in the region, highlighting broader concerns about alleged human rights abuses.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the Indian government presents a different narrative, often citing national security concerns and framing the incident as a response to violence initiated by protestors. However, the absence of independent investigations and conflicting reports leaves numerous questions unanswered.

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