Umar Khan, alongside Wasim Akram & Sanjay Dutt, Launches Innovation Factory’s New Ground Breaking App in Dubai

Dubai: Dubai Business, Sports and Showbiz together, well-known business tycoon Muhammad Umar Khan (known as OK) has announced to bring together Bollywood icon Sanjay Dutt and cricket legend Wasim Akram to shake up the world of blockchain and digital currency, with BFIC Gold Network. Umar Khan, the founder UAE-based Innovation Factory said that the BFIC Gold Network is a ground-breaking innovation, which will change the lives of over 200 million people across the globe, with its impressive potential.
At the prestigious launch event held at Armani Ballroom, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt and Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram, graced the occasion with their presence. Umar Khan, extending a warm welcome to Sanjay Dutt, emphasized the transformative power of blockchain technology in modern commerce.
Speaking at the event, Sanjay Dutt hailed blockchain technology as the cornerstone of contemporary business, underlining its pivotal role in global trade. Joined by Wasim Akram and Umar Khan, Dutt lauded the BFIC Gold Network’s potential and praised Umar Khan’s efforts towards making a real global impact.
The launch ceremony witnessed the presence of numerous luminaries from showbiz and social media circles, accentuating the significance of this milestone. Tik Tok stars Baray Bhai &Chhotay bhai from Zam Zam Electronics, Jogi and others shared the stage to express their support and praise for BFIC Gold Network.
Highlighting the multifaceted nature of the event, attendees were treated to entertainment spectacles and a retrospective journey showcasing Innovation Factory’s development strides.
Sanjay Dutt and Umar Khan (OK), in dialogue with the media, unveiled plans for a groundbreaking cancer treatment facility alongside their blockchain endeavors, underscoring their commitment to societal welfare.
Notably, Captain of B-Love Kandy cricket team (champions of LPL 2023), WaninduHasaringa, graced the ceremony, receiving accolades from Wasim Akram for his stellar performance, further enriching the event’s sports dimension. The present members of the B-Love Kandy team were awarded with Gold Medals by Mr. Wasim Akram & Mr. Umar Khan, for their impressive performance and efforts towards B-Love Kandy ‘s win.
The festivities soared to new heights with the spectacle of hot air balloons and skydiving, captivating attendees and underscoring the dynamic spirit of innovation and collaboration driving the BFIC Gold Network.
Attendees from Turkey, came aboard the stage to present Mr. Umar Khan (OK) with a souvenir of commendation for his outclass vision. The event concluded with a huge round of applause from the guests and group photos with Turkish, Indian, Russian, British and numerous attendees from other parts of the world.

In this era of transformative technology and collaborative synergy, the launch of the BFIC Gold Network stands as a testament to Innovation Factory’s dedication & Dubai’s position at the forefront of digital innovation, ushering in a new era of financial possibilities.

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