Trials of the world’s inaugural electric ship capable of ‘flying’ have concluded

The inaugural electric ‘flying’ ship in the world has concluded its testing phase and is anticipated to be launched next year. Developed by Swedish company Candela Technology AB, this pioneering vessel named Candela P12 measures 12 meters in length.


With a capacity to accommodate 30 passengers at once, the Candela P12 is designed to navigate through water at a speed of 29 miles per hour, according to the company. This innovative development is expected to revolutionize water travel.

Operating Mechanism:

The ship utilizes hydrofoils for flight, enabling its lower part to rise above the water’s surface. These hydrofoils significantly reduce water friction, allowing the vessel to achieve higher speeds compared to conventional boats. Propelled by two engines powered by a 252 kW battery, the ship incorporates a digital flight control system that adjusts the hydrofoils based on factors such as currents, waves, wind, and water conditions.

While the company did not disclose pricing details, it indicated that starting from 2024, this electric vessel will cover a 55-minute journey in just 25 minutes.

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