The United States does not have any involvement in the selection of leaders in Pakistan, as stated by Mathew Miller.

Washington: According to Mathew Miller from the US State Department, America doesn’t partake in selecting Pakistan’s leaders. Miller emphasized that the US engages with the leadership chosen by the Pakistani people and will maintain this engagement with the Government of Pakistan on various issues.

During the weekly briefing, responding to inquiries, he mentioned US support for diplomatic solutions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Miller highlighted past engagements on this matter and assured a continuation of such efforts.

Regarding the Washington Post’s report about Israel allegedly using white phosphorous on civilians in southern Lebanon, Miller expressed concern. He stressed that while white phosphorous has valid military uses, deploying it on civilians isn’t justified. He highlighted the expectation that military equipment, including white phosphorous, provided to others, is used in line with international humanitarian law and the laws of armed conflict. The US is investigating the situation and seeking further details.

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