“The responsibility of holding elections lies with the government and the Election Commission of Pakistan, according to Gilani.”

Yousaf Raza Gilani, a senior leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), expressed that the responsibility for conducting elections in the country rests with the government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Gilani shared these views while addressing the media in Multan. He confidently mentioned that the PPP is fully prepared for the forthcoming polls and does not anticipate any delays in the electoral process.

Moreover, Gilani highlighted the electoral campaign movements, indicating that after Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s tour in Sindh, the PPP Chairman is set to visit Punjab for the campaign.

Regarding any issues pertaining to former president Asif Ali Zardari, Gilani advised that those with grievances should seek legal recourse rather than resorting to other means. He emphasized that security concerns were not a hindrance for his party’s participation in the elections.

Separately, another senior PPP leader, Syed Nasir Shah, proclaimed in Lahore that the party is poised to surprise observers in the upcoming elections. Shah confidently predicted that the PPP would secure over 50 seats in Sindh and intends to unveil its surprise performance in Central Punjab during the polls.

In addition, Shah criticized political opponents who, in his view, are evading participation in the elections by citing various excuses. He assured that the PPP is fully prepared and not opposed to alliances in Sindh. Lastly, Shah mentioned the historical challenges faced by the PPP in forming a government in Punjab.

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