The PSX experiences a significant decline on the first day of the business week

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) saw a significant downturn, marking the start of the business week with a sharp decline. The trading day commenced with a decrease of 1338 points, leading the 100 Index to trade at the level of 61,605 points.

Following the recent elections, there was a notable drop of 2300 points observed in the 100 Index on the subsequent day, although it recovered to close at a decrease of 1200 points.

Additionally, the value of the dollar strengthened in the interbank market last week. On the first day of the business week, there was a rise of 22 paisa in the dollar’s value, with it trading at Rs. 279.50.

It’s worth noting that at the conclusion of the previous trading day of the preceding business week, the dollar had closed at Rs. 279.28 in the interbank market.

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