The private sector has the potential to contribute to the enhancement of Azerbaijan-Pakistan relations

Islamabad: Ambassador Khazar Farhadov of Azerbaijan has lauded the commendable efforts of the private sector, along with the Pakistani government, in fostering collaboration between Pakistan and Azerbaijan in the realm of tourism.

Young entrepreneur Mohammad Rauf, the CEO of Pakistan, received appreciation for his initiatives, with assurances of full support extended to him, as highlighted by Aftab Rahman Rana, Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. Rana noted the swift completion of various projects related to new tourist destinations in Pakistan, spearheaded by the government and provincial administrations.

In the wake of the post-Covid pandemic, the substantial influx of tourists into Pakistan has been lauded. Rana expressed determination to ensure optimal facilities for both domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. A panel discussion during the event featured experts advocating for investment in Pakistan’s tourism and hospitality sector, emphasizing the need for growth to bring economic stability and heightened business activities. Rauf Raja, CEO of Brain Designer, affirmed the ongoing promotion of tourism and investment events, with the next scheduled event slated for April in the UK.

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