The outcome in Israel’s creation might have been different if Arabs had fought more vigorously

The British Mandate of Palestine remained until 1948. On May 14, 1948, before Britain exodus, the head of the Jewish Agency, David Ben-Gurin, announced the establishment of the State of Israel at the Tel Aviv Museum.

At that time there was no concept or existence of mass media. The condition of the Palestinians was very bad, due to which they could not resist at the time of this clandestine establishment. Even after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, some two or three decades had passed. Ata Turk Kemal of Turkey had made a treaty with the British by deporting the Caliph. In which the livelihood of Turkey was ended due to strict conditions. The Sharifs of Jordan also believed in the British rule. King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia had ascended the throne with the help of Lawrence of Arabia, so neither the Sharifs of Jordan nor King Abdulaziz could condemn the establishment of Israel at that time.

Collecting their weapons. In 1967, Israel attacked the Arab areas and annexed many areas. Because the Muslims were too weak, they could not resist Israel. It was only six years later that on October 7, 1973, Israel again began to advance into Arab territories, including the Golan Heights in Syria, Sinai in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Israel occupied Sinai. Later on With the intervention of the United States, negotiations between Israel and Egypt were held, as a result of which Israel relinquished its occupation of Sinai, in return Egypt had to recognize Israel.

The Arab League supported Egypt until the 1990 Gulf War and continued boycott. In the Gulf War, Egypt sent its troops to Saudi Arabia and ended the Arab League boycott.
As a result of the Gulf War, Israel-Palestine negotiations took place and Israel created a separate state for Palestine, but did not give them freedom which is oppression. Israel continues to settle in the Palestinian territories despite the resolutions of the United Nations, due to which thousands of Palestinians were martyred and millions were displaced. The United Nations presented dozens of resolutions against Israeli oppression, but the United States always Veto such resolutions. The people of Hamas are still trapped in the Gaza Strip, tired of which Hamas adopted this way of attack it made recently. Palestine belongs to the Arabs and not to the Israelis.

The Muslim Ummah should immediately stop doing trade in dollars. Given so that the so-called human rights knowledge of the Israeli backer will destroy the livelihood of Berar.

Muslims should fearlessly help the Palestinians in every possible way. Condemn the Israeli attacks on innocent Palestinians and condemn the US sending it’s naval ship fleet to support Israel.

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