The Italian ambassador receives a heartfelt and enthusiastic send-off

In an esteemed farewell event coordinated by Islamabad’s Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Mohammad Karmoune, Ambassador of Morocco, esteemed members of the diplomatic circle gathered to bid farewell to His Excellency Andreas Ferrarese, the distinguished Ambassador of Italy, marking the conclusion of his tenure in Pakistan.

Ambassador Ferrarese’s presence in Pakistan has been marked by exceptional efforts to strengthen bilateral relations, leaving a lasting impression on the diplomatic landscape. His impactful tenure has been a testament to his unwavering dedication, fostering closer ties between Italy and Pakistan.

Among Ambassador Ferrarese’s notable achievements is the construction of the modern premises for the Italian embassy. This significant project stands as a symbol of his persistent dedication and vision for diplomatic excellence. Through his resolute commitment, the embassy’s new facility is on track for timely completion, showcasing the Ambassador’s steadfast determination and leadership.

As we bid adieu to Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese, we recognize and commend his substantial contributions to the diplomatic community and express appreciation for his role in advancing the bond between Italy and Pakistan.

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