Social Media Platform X introduces a $1 subscription model titled “Not A Bot” aiming to elevate user experience.

Tuesday saw the announcement from Social Media Platform X, previously known as Twitter, unveiling its intentions to experiment with a fresh subscription model called “Not A Bot.” This innovative initiative involves a modest annual charge of $1, granting users access to fundamental features.

The “Not A Bot” subscription model will involve fees for actions like liking, reposting, quoting other users’ posts, and bookmarking content specifically on the web version of the platform. The primary aim behind this subscription model’s introduction is to counteract bots and spammers, with X believing it will serve as a deterrent to their activities. The subscription fee will be subject to adjustment based on the exchange rate, resulting in varying costs for users across different countries.

Initially, this new subscription service will be introduced to users in New Zealand and the Philippines. Current users will not be affected during this trial phase, while new users opting not to subscribe will have restricted functionality, limiting their actions to viewing and reading posts, watching videos, and following accounts.

The issue of bots has been a considerable concern for Elon Musk, who acquired the company last year. In July, X had implemented restrictions on tweet viewing to improve the credibility of its user base.

Additionally, earlier this month, Reuters reported, citing a source, that X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, had discussions with the platform’s lenders. In this meeting, she disclosed plans to test three subscription tiers, each associated with the number of advertisements shown to users.

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