Rwanda High Commissioner’s Visit to Pakistan

Islamabad: The High Commissioner of Rwanda to Pakistan, James Kimonyo, visited Islamabad last week to present his credentials to President Arif Alvi, marking an important step in Rwanda-Pakistan diplomatic relations. This high-level visit served as an ideal platform for broader discussions.

During the presentation of his credentials, Ambassador Kimonyo conveyed warm greetings from President Paul Kagame to President Alvi. He emphasized his commitment to strengthening the existing diplomatic and economic cooperation between the two nations.

High Commissioner Kimonyo, accompanied by Pakistan’s designated High Commissioner to Rwanda, Naeem Khan, engaged with high-ranking Pakistani officials and organizations during their visit, demonstrating Rwanda’s dedication to forging strong bilateral trade ties.

Their meetings with distinguished individuals such as the Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Minister/Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, and the Secretary of Defense, highlighted the mutual interest in enhancing relations across sectors.

Enhancing Trade and Investment

Moreover, Ambassador Kimonyo took the opportunity to highlight Rwanda’s business climate and investment prospects during a meeting with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

He emphasized Rwanda’s attractiveness as an investment destination, given its strategic location, political stability, and business-friendly policies. The Ambassador assured the ICC that the Rwandan Embassy is ready to provide full assistance to Pakistani investors looking for opportunities in Rwanda.

Both High Commissioner Kimonyo and High Commissioner-designate Naeem Khan emphasized the importance of prioritizing efforts to enhance trade and economic relations between the two nations.

They shared a common goal of significantly expanding bilateral business and investment flows, recognizing the untapped potential for mutual benefits.

Ambassador Kimonyo declared Rwanda as an ideal investment destination for Pakistani businesses, highlighting the country’s peace, pro-business climate, and transparency.

He further suggested that Rwanda could serve as a strategic gateway for Pakistan. This would provide access to the vast market of Central Africa, which includes eight countries and 300 million consumers.

In response High Commissioner Naeem Khan acknowledged the satisfactory progress in bilateral ties. He proposed concrete steps to scale up trade relations, including establishing a display center for Pakistani products in Kigali and facilitating business-to-business meetings.

In line with Rwanda’s interest in broader collaboration, Ambassador Kimonyo and his delegation visited multiple defense organizations. This enhances partnership scope between the nations.

These visits underscored Rwanda’s commitment to fostering a comprehensive multi-sectoral partnership with Pakistan. They further cemented the growing bond between the two nations.

The important visit strengthened ties, paving the way for closer Rwanda-Pakistan relations. The resolve and active engagement shown by both sides paved the way for mutual growth and collaboration.

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