Purpose of teaching and the responsibility of teachers

By: Ghazala Anbreen

Teaching is a very sacred profession. But unfortunately in the present realm it has acquired mercenary proportions in our country.

The curriculum development needs a drastic revamp. In foreign books there are around 80 to 85 percent numericals and conceptual questions. But we are still limited to the definitions, statements and explanations only. There is a less emphasis on making the syllabus realistic and involving practical applications. Analysis of new challenges can only be made if the syllabus is updated and modernized.

The realization of sacrifice and knowledge about past history and the heroes is a must so that the youth may be able to prepare themselves to meet the future challenges. If we are unaware of our history then it is very difficult that we are able to mobilize our youth.

It is not only the rote learning of certain facts and statistical figures and then getting through the exams with flying coloures. The students must be trained how to deal with the different situations. They must be made aware of the life history and struggle of our heroes. If we do not make them aware then these students will make role models as some other heroes as theirs is an essentially vulnerable and impressionable age. The seerat of Holy Prophet(PBUH) and the thought of Iqbal and Quaid, their diplomacy and the approaches they held fast must be communicated to the students so that they can be motivated and inspired. These visionaries must be the guiding sources. Their struggle and non violent approach, integrity of character all must serve as the inspirations for the students of today. The teachers must acquaint their students with the morality, consolidatory approach, principles, devotion to religion, and commitment with the work which these heroes espoused throughout their lives.

Then the inculcation of thinking abilities in a student is a must. Unfortunately our students are not compelled to think. Again it is due to incomplete syllabus. They are limited to know the facts only. No learning in real sense is there. The syllabus is only information oriented not learning oriented. The impact of all this results in such a situation that if at all we wish to make the student move in a direction by which he can become creative, he is unable to do so, as he is bound to remain in the confined perimeters. Cramming certain facts by heart and then getting marks is the target which he sets to achieve. If he does not adopt the policy of concept clearing, he would be discredited in the form of low scores.

The syllabus should be inspirational and according to the needs. It should be objective and research-oriented and contemporary needs fulfilling. It should be according to the demands of the modern times and the students must not focus only on numbers. The purpose must be the enriching and grooming of minds.

Syllabus should compel the students to give opinions.

If only we take the example of syllabus of Physics at schools, we would know that there is a huge focus on certain aspects only. The students since many years are asked objective questions as what is a crest, trough or wavelength. Define uniform velocity etc. On the contrary if you rely only on statements and definitions then it is of no worth. You should know how to apply the theories in real life. This practice would lead to opening of minds. There ought to be many applications and examples from daily life. However, there needs to be a correlation of these concepts with the real life examples as for example, law of conservation of momentum can be explained as when two billiard balls will collide then the students must be able to predict what would happen after collision and in which direction they would move. Likewise, the students must know whatever may happen when any collisions take place. What would happen when a rocket goes upward or a bullet is fired? Students should use their minds and just not only focus on numbers. If the students are assigned certain projects, they hesitate and take it as a burden. This tells a lot how creative trends are not accepted by the students of Pakistan. The final words remain that alongwith the explanation of the text books the teachers are also supposed to infuse in the students the qualities of consistency, hard work, perseverance and ability to work in a composed way in the unbecoming situations. Apart from that the following aspects must also be kept in mind.

Thinking habit must be evolved.

Energy, zest and passion in youth must be focused.

Pointing of the potential and then polishing and motivating students is the responsibility of the teachers. If a particular student feels weak in a peculiar subject then the teacher must try his best to convert the weakness into strength. This is possible if he subjects the student to repetitive tests and practice.

I will like to narrate the example of a good school where the authorities took personal interest towards the consistently declining grades of a student who earlier showed very good results. They established a committee for this purpose which scrutinized in detail and came out with the reasons. They invited the parents of the kid and informed them about the reasons of his low scores and also offered a solution for making him competent as earlier. The purpose of narrating this incidence is to lay emphasis on the fact that the teachers must not only think it sufficient to enable the students learn some theories and their postulates. Their duty is to ensure the overall grooming of students. They must make the students bold enough to discuss with them any problem which they face whether related to studies or else. They must be able to get rid of their intrinsic shyness and become confident. So that they are ready to face the world and tread with a confident pace.

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