Prime Minister Modi emphasizes the necessity of inclusive and corruption-free governments worldwide

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the World Government Summit in Dubai on Wednesday, stressing the global necessity for inclusive and corruption-free governance.

He reiterated his longstanding political mantra of “minimum government and maximum governance,” highlighting the increased trust of the Indian public in their government’s intentions and commitment in recent years.

Modi emphasized his administration’s focus on promoting women-led development to stabilize India’s socio-economic and political landscape. He underscored the priority on social and financial inclusion, noting that nearly 500 million people have been integrated into the banking system.

The Prime Minister posed questions about the need for reforms in global governance institutions amid India’s ongoing transformation, emphasizing the importance of upholding national sovereignty while respecting international law.

Furthermore, Modi addressed the pressing challenges of climate change and terrorism, emphasizing their significant impact on humanity. He commended Dubai for its role as a global hub for economy, trade, commerce, and technology.

The World Government Summit, themed ‘Shaping New Governments’, convenes participants from across the globe, including government officials, international organizations, leaders, and private sector representatives.

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