President Aliyev of Azerbaijan poised for a resounding victory in re-election

In Baku, Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev appeared poised for a decisive victory in the re-election, as indicated by an exit poll. Aliyev had called for early elections following the successful recapture of the Nagorno-Karabakh region from Armenia.

Preliminary results suggested that President Ilham Aliyev had garnered an overwhelming 93.9% of the vote.

The Pakistani delegation expressed profound gratitude for the warm hospitality extended to them during the electoral process. The enduring bond between Pakistan and Azerbaijan, forged through shared challenges during the conflict with Armenia, was palpable in the enthusiastic support from the Azerbaijani populace. Upon learning of the Pakistani delegation’s presence, locals showed their appreciation with a heartfelt standing ovation, symbolizing the solidarity and friendship between the two nations. This gesture resonated not only with polling staff and local observers but also with voters, fostering a memorable and meaningful connection between the peoples of Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Before the Patriotic War, Pakistan was relatively unfamiliar to most Azerbaijanis, known only to a few, particularly the elderly. However, following the conflict, awareness of Pakistan significantly increased, with nearly every Azerbaijani, regardless of age, recognizing and acknowledging the country.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan share fraternal relations rooted in historical traditions. Pakistan was among the first countries to recognize Azerbaijan’s independence, and it provided staunch support during the Patriotic War, which led to Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenian forces and the liberation of occupied territories.

Demonstrating unwavering solidarity, Azerbaijan stands firmly by Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Initiating direct flights between Pakistan and Azerbaijan further solidifies the bond between the two nations, fostering greater connectivity and underscoring their mutual commitment to deepening diplomatic ties and cooperation.

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