PID strives to foster electoral understanding among masses

ISLAMABAD:The Press Information Department (PID) is committed to foster electoral understanding among the masses through awareness campaigns ahead of the general elections in 2024.

The PID, in this regard, has already launched a series of seminars to ensure active civic engagement and participation in the electoral process and elections slated for February 8.

According to the PID, the stakeholders being invited to the seminars included representatives from mainstream political parties, the Election Commission of Pakistan, media, academia, civil society and the general public.

It said these seminars would serve as a platform to educate citizens on the importance of voting, the electoral system, and the role of elected representatives.

“By fostering public awareness, the seminars seek to empower individuals to make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to a more robust and accountable democratic system,” the PID added.

On January 11, the PID organized its first seminar titled ‘Pakistan elections 2024: The Economic Reforms Agenda of Political Parties’ here at a local hotel in Islamabad which had across-the-board representation from the stakeholders.

According to the PID, the spotlight was on the economic reform agendas presented by political parties of Pakistan gearing up for the 2024 elections.

“The electorate is keenly interested in the economic visions put forth by diverse political entities and this exploration aims to provide a concise overview of the economic landscapes envisioned by the key players in Pakistan’s political arena.”

For general public knowledge, it is informed that the PID had planned three more seminars here in the Capital city on different topics. The second seminar titled ‘Changing Landscape of Pakistani Electorate and Role of Political Parties in Fair Representation’ will be held on January 18, while the third one on the Electoral Code of Conduct: Ethical Practices of Stakeholders Including Media is planned for January 25.

The seminar titled ‘Political Participation and Empowerment of Youth, Women, Transgenders, and Cultural Minorities will be held on February 1.

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