ISLAMABAD:THE INFURIATED people in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Friday set on fire scores of electricity bills. The people were demanding cut in bills charges.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) on Friday amid protest on heavy billing offered the consumers to avail electricity bill installment options at the company’s field offices. Chief Executive of IESCO, Dr. Muhammad Amjad Khan also appealed to the consumers to refrain from participating in any group or protest that aims to cause harm to government property and employees. In a statement, he said employees are actively involved in illuminating the homes of valued customers in various situations.

Dr. Amjad Khan directed all offices to offer the convenience of electricity bill installment plans to visiting customers and if they have inquiries about electricity bills, they can contact the relevant Sub-Divisional Office, Revenue Office, or Customer Service Centers. According to an IESCO spokesperson, it has consistently given priority to consumer interests, and its employees work diligently to ensure continuous electricity supply to consumers, addressing concerns even during cold weather, hot weather, unforeseen disasters, and festivals.

IESCO appeals to its esteemed customers, emphasizing that it is a power distribution company responsible for procuring and delivering electricity to consumers, along with providing various electricity-related services. The IESCO employees are also part of this effort. If offices or other facilities are damaged, it will be equivalent to harming the nation. Therefore, they should avoid participating in any protest that, under any pretext, damages government property, facilities, or employees.

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