Pakistan suffers a significant loss to England

Hockey Olympic Qualifiers Update:

In a setback to Pakistan’s aspirations for a successful launch of their Olympic qualifying campaign, they faced a significant defeat against England in their Group A opener in Oman on Monday. England’s Jack Waller initiated the scoring with a penalty corner goal in the 10th minute, followed by two goals from Sam Ward, extending the lead to 3-0. Will Calnan added a fourth goal for England. Despite a brilliant goal from Pakistan’s Hannan Shahid, England’s Zach Wallace secured a fifth goal through a penalty stroke, with Nick Bandurak scoring another, resulting in England’s commanding 6-1 lead.

In Group A, Pakistan shares the field with England, China, and Malaysia. Their upcoming matches include a face-off against China later today, followed by a clash with Malaysia on January 18. It is crucial for Pakistan to secure a spot in the top three in Oman to qualify for the Summer Olympics in Paris.

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