Pakistan places high importance on its relationship with Iran

In Islamabad, the caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani emphasized the warm relations between Pakistan and Iran, stating that these ties will continue to strengthen in the future.

He made these remarks during the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the Glorious Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the National Day.

Jalil Abbas Jilani highlighted the commitment of both countries to engaging seriously and expressed optimism about ongoing bilateral cooperation across various platforms.

In his speech, Ambassador of Iran Dr. Reza Amiri Moghaddam acknowledged Pakistan as the first country to recognize the Islamic Republic of Iran after the revolution. He emphasized the absence of territorial or border disputes between the two nations and the development of strong relations across multiple sectors.

Dr. Moghaddam stressed the enduring nature of the bilateral relationship, emphasizing Iran’s prioritization of neighborly ties in its foreign policy.

He noted significant advancements in economic and trade relations between the two countries in recent years, attributing this progress to initiatives like the development of common border crossings and markets.

Dr. Moghaddam underscored the historical significance of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, which he described as a pivotal event of the 20th century. He highlighted Iran’s achievements in various fields despite challenges posed by external forces.

Furthermore, Dr. Moghaddam commended Pakistan on the successful conduct of nationwide elections and expressed hopes for continued progress and prosperity under the new government.

In conclusion, Dr. Moghaddam extended gratitude to all attendees and expressed well wishes for the enduring friendship between Iran and Pakistan.

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