Pakistan aims to achieve a target of exporting smartphones worth $5 billion by the year 2029

Pakistan’s mobile phone industry is currently undergoing a substantial upswing, with plans to export smartphones totaling $500 million in the next two years and an ambitious goal of reaching $5 billion within the next five years. This information was shared by Dr. Umar Saif, the Federal Minister of IT and Telecom, during the Pakistan Mobile Summit 2024, a collaborative event involving the Ministry of IT and Telecom and mobile phone manufacturers.

Dr. Umar Saif, addressing the summit, drew comparisons with neighboring India, which presently exports mobile phones worth $10 billion annually. He expressed confidence in elevating Pakistan’s position in the global mobile phone market and outlined measures being implemented to boost exports of locally manufactured smartphones.

At the summit, the minister revealed that 35 companies have been granted licenses to assemble smartphones of various brands. Moreover, there is an ongoing effort to formulate a comprehensive policy that facilitates local production of complete phones and certain components, aiming to strengthen the domestic industry and enhance Pakistan’s presence in the international mobile phone market.

Dr. Saif highlighted the progress made, indicating that around 90 million mobile phones have been assembled in Pakistan over the past two years. Additionally, the country has successfully exported approximately 250,000 mobile phones, amounting to a value of $15 million. These figures underscore the growing capabilities of Pakistan’s mobile phone manufacturing sector.

The minister stressed the importance of sustained efforts to capitalize on the industry’s potential, emphasizing the need for innovation and competitiveness to further increase Pakistan’s share in the global market. As the country advances, there is a concerted effort not only to meet but to exceed the set export targets, making a substantial contribution to the national economy and positioning Pakistan as a significant player in the international mobile phone industry.

The success and expansion of the mobile phone industry align with the government’s broader vision for economic development and technological advancement, showcasing Pakistan as a competitive force in the global digital landscape.

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