Mari Mobile DastarKhan: Nourishing Communities in Urban Areas Amid Economic Challenges

Islamabad: In the current era of inflation, Mari Petroleum Limited has become a support for laborers and low-income groups through its successful initiative, the “Mari Mobile DastarKhan,” operating in twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Collaborating with Mari Petroleum and CDRS, the program is providing freshly cooked meals to hundreds of deserving individuals daily.

According to Executive Director Operations, Ubaid-ur-Rehman Zafar, approximately six hundred thousand people have benefited from this program from April 2021 to September 2023. The initiative offers two meals a day, including breakfast and dinner, to a diverse group of recipients, encompassing laborers, low-income individuals, and other disadvantaged classes.

Despite economic challenges, particular attention is given to ensuring that the provided meals are of high quality. The breakfast menu includes potato fritters, chickpeas, and porridge with Haleem, while the dinner menu comprises chicken curry, chicken biryani, chicken pulao with yogurt, and salad. Additionally, sweet dishes are also included in the dinner menu.

Zafar emphasized that the food offered at this station is of exceptional quality, reflecting the commitment to providing a standard beyond expectations. Notably, celebrities, sports personalities, and other well-known figures from various walks of life have also visited the food station, turning it into a unique example of public welfare in urban areas.

Expressing their gratitude, beneficiaries of the mobile food station have praised the quality and ethical standards of the food. The initiative by Mari Petroleum and CDRS stands as a distinctive model of public welfare in urban areas, earning appreciation and support from both recipients and prominent figures associated with various sectors of life.

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