List of Visas on Arrival, Visa-Free, and E-Visa for Pakistani Passport in 2023

List of countries allowing Visa-free entry, Visa on Arrival, and E-Visa options for holders of Pakistani Passports. Explore hassle-free destinations for quick holidays.

Back in 2016, the Pakistani passport ranked among the lowest among 196 countries globally. Subsequently, in 2017, it slightly improved, moving up to the third lowest position. Unbeknownst to many, there are still 43 countries that Pakistani citizens can visit without requiring a visa or obtain one upon arrival.

Moreover, certain countries offer E-Visa facilities to Pakistani citizens. Here’s pertinent information if you plan to travel to these 43 countries:

Requirements Before Traveling:
While visas are not necessary for Pakistani passport holders in these 43 countries, fulfilling other general requirements such as a return ticket, hotel reservations, and sufficient funds to support their stay is necessary.

Additionally, it is essential that the passport remains valid.

Visa Not Required for Pakistani Citizens:
For these countries, Pakistani citizens do not need a visa. They can enter by presenting their passport, which will be stamped accordingly.

List of Countries with Visa-free or Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Citizens in 2023:

Dominica (6 months)
Haiti (3 months)
Micronesia (30 days)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)
Trinidad and Tobago (3 months)
Vanuatu (30 days)

Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Citizens in 2023:
A Visa on Arrival (VOA) means that upon arrival at the airport or border, an application form is provided. The applicant fills out this form on the spot and receives the visa immediately, pasted into their passport. Ensure you have US dollars and passport-sized photos as they are usually required for the visa application.

The usual fee for VOA is approximately $50.

Benin (8 days)

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