KZK Foundation Demands Immediate UN Action against Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestine

Islamabad: Khadija Zareen Khan, a prominent social activist and Chairperson of the KZK Foundation, strongly condemns the ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestine. She underscores the urgent need for the United Nations to take immediate action against Israel’s continuous violations of human rights in Palestine.
Khadija Zareen Khan expressed her deep concern over the escalating human rights abuses by Israel in Palestine. She pointed out that Israel’s deliberate targeting of women, children, and the elderly constitutes a clear violation of the rules of engagement, and the decision to block essential supplies to the Palestinian population is unjust and inhumane.
She emphasized that the enduring conflict in the Middle East has persisted for decades, with no viable permanent solution in sight. Khadija Zareen Khan also highlighted recent incidents, such as the killing of a Palestinian-American boy in the United States, which threatens to incite religious conflict. She questioned the humanity in the brutal stabbing of a 6-year-old boy 26 times with a military-style knife.
Khadija Zareen Khan called for immediate humanitarian aid to reach the Palestinian people and an end to the blockade on Palestine. Her plea resonates with the global call for compassion and the need for swift international intervention to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian population.

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