Is Apple making a Smart Ring?

In the past, we all dreamed of having portable computers that fit in our pockets. Today, we enjoy some of the finest smartphones ever created. Then came the desire for screens on our wristwatches, leading to the birth of smartwatches.

However, there’s one question that remains: when will we witness the emergence of genuine smart rings? Not the kind that merely detect calls or measure body temperature, but true innovation.

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Considering Apple’s recent introduction of the Vision Pro, which caused quite a stir in the XR industry, it’s only fitting to hope for a similar move in the realm of smart rings. And guess what? Apple seems to be ahead of the game with yet another smart ring patent.

Now, all of this might sound like it was anticipated, but let’s delve into a brief history of Apple’s smart ring patents:

Back in 2015, there was talk of a ring featuring voice control and a built-in camera.

Fast forward to 2019, and a ring design emerged that was more reminiscent of a compact smartwatch than a standalone accessory.

The year 2023 brought about a new concept: a ring capable of providing tactile feedback through haptics and enabling advanced gesture controls.

Before we move forward, let’s consider Apple’s renowned ecosystem of products. With the prevalence of Apple TV and the impending release of the Vision Pro – a ring that harmonizes seamlessly with Apple’s product range – it appears to be a logical step, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s explore some potential functionalities. Imagine configuring distinct vibration patterns to identify the source of a notification. Moreover, the ring incorporates a pressure-sensitive area that can be pressed to initiate predefined actions. For instance, during driving when reaching for the phone isn’t feasible, this feature could be employed.

Or perhaps, pressing the ring triggers your Apple Watch’s microphone, relaying the message to your iPhone 14. This is just a glimpse of the possibilities.

Does this imply that Apple is definitely crafting a smart ring? Not necessarily. Patents often signify an idea’s reservation rather than a binding commitment. Yet, the notion of a smart ring has been in contemplation since 2015.

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