Iran declares that the Revolutionary Guards have targeted Israel’s ‘spy headquarters’ in Iraq and promises further retaliation

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for attacking what they referred to as Israel’s “spy headquarters” in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, as reported by state media on Monday night. Additionally, the elite force stated that they conducted strikes in Syria against the Islamic State.

These actions come amid heightened concerns about the escalating conflict in the Middle East, which has expanded beyond the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas since October 7. Iran’s allies from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen have also become involved in the broader regional conflict.

In response to what the Guards described as the “recent atrocities” of the Zionist regime, leading to the killing of Guards commanders and members of the Axis of Resistance, they asserted that a Mossad espionage headquarters in Iraq’s Kurdistan region was destroyed with ballistic missiles. Reuters has not independently verified this report, and Israeli government officials were not immediately reachable for comment.

Iran had previously pledged revenge for the killing of three Guards members in Syria the previous month, including a senior commander who had served as a military adviser. Following the events since October 7, where Hamas fighters entered Israeli territory, and subsequent Israeli bombing campaigns in Gaza and Lebanon, over 130 fighters of Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah have been killed in the hostilities.

The Guards’ statement emphasized their commitment to continuing offensive operations until avenging what they described as the last drops of martyrs’ blood.

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