Indian actor showers praise on Pakistani content

(Web Desk) – It’s no secret that Pakistani dramas are garnering significant international acclaim and success with each passing day.

Hit dramas like Parizaad, Mere Humsafar, Tere Bin, Kabli Pulao, and Ishq Murshid have recently made waves in India.

Indian television channels and media outlets are grappling with the decline of once-popular and trending Indian dramas.

Indian character actor Sushant Singh recently voiced his concerns to the media, addressing the decline in Indian content.

Expressing his thoughts, he remarked, “Our neighboring country, Pakistan, often considered our adversary, is producing remarkable content. Take a look at their offerings and then assess our own. What are we presenting to our audience? Why are we settling for subpar content? Why do we resist change when criticized?”

“Are we content with the status quo? Do we not aspire for improvement?” he questioned. “Despite facing challenging circumstances, we’ve produced remarkable content. We must continue to advocate for quality content.”

Sushant Singh emphasized the need for the acting community to wield its influence and be heard. Indian audiences resonated with his sentiments, with many agreeing that Pakistan is currently leading in producing top-notch dramas.

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