Good News: Global Kashmir Supreme Council Strongly Condemns the Indian Supreme Court’s Decision on Jammu and Kashmir’s Special Status

London/Islamabad: In a heartening development, the Global Kashmir Supreme Council has issued a robust condemnation against the recent decision of the Indian Supreme Court to abolish the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. The Council, representing a diverse range of voices from across the globe, has come together to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir and denounce the unilateral actions taken by the Indian judiciary.

In a joint statement, the Council emphasized the need for a peaceful resolution to the long-standing Kashmir conflict, advocating for the recognition of the fundamental rights and aspirations of the Kashmiri people. The Council commended the international community’s efforts in promoting dialogue and understanding between India and Pakistan to achieve a lasting and equitable solution for the region.

Furthermore, the Council highlighted the significance of upholding the principles of justice, human rights, and international law. By strongly condemning the decision of the Indian Supreme Court, the Global Kashmir Supreme Council aims to draw attention to the importance of respecting the unique identity and autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir.

This united front against the recent developments in the region is a positive step toward fostering global awareness and support for the Kashmiri people. The Council calls for diplomatic dialogue, urging the international community to actively engage in efforts that promote peace, stability, and the protection of human rights in the region. This collective stance reflects a commitment to justice, inclusivity, and the pursuit of a peaceful resolution to the longstanding issues in Jammu and Kashmir.

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