Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Condemns Tragic Incident in Jaranwala, Calls for Justice and Harmony

London: In a resolute joint statement issued by Chairman Raja Sikander Khan and President Kala Khan, representing the distinguished Kashmiri international organization and esteemed think tank, the Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council, a vehement denouncement is directed towards the tragic and distressing incident that unfolded on the 16th of August in Jaranwala. The incident, which unfolded in the Christian colonies of the Faisalabad district, involved the appalling burning of churches and homes, leaving an indelible scar on the community.

The statement exudes profound sorrow and unequivocal condemnation for the events that transpired. It squarely attributes this egregious act to a group identifying themselves as citizens of Pakistan and adherents of Islam. With unwavering conviction, the statement asserts that such individuals had no authority to perpetrate such heinous acts, which have not only resulted in substantial financial losses but have also inflicted irreparable emotional and psychological wounds upon the affected community members.

Resolutely, the Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council urges the pertinent authorities to promptly and decisively apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this act of wanton destruction. Furthermore, a fervent call is made for the establishment to collaborate fully in the process of rehabilitating the damaged homes and churches, reinstating a sense of security and solace to the aggrieved.

The statement takes a strong stance against any form of incitement or propagation of animosity and violence. It underscores the imperative of addressing any perceived instances of blasphemy or transgression against Islam through legitimate legal avenues and proper authorities. The authors emphatically contend that Islam, as a guiding faith, champions ideals of compassion, unity, and tranquility, rather than fomenting enmity and bloodshed among individuals of differing ethnicities, religions, or beliefs.

In essence, the statement eloquently appeals for justice, unequivocally condemning the act of violence while championing the principles of peaceful coexistence and respect within the Islamic framework. It staunchly advocates for recourse to legal procedures to address grievances, rather than resorting to vigilante justice.

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