“Generation Unlimited” aims to invest 20 million USD to Empower Youth of Pakistan: LOI Signed Between Government of Pakistan and UNICEF

Islamabad: In a momentous occasion, the Government of Pakistan and UNICEF have come together to announce an aim of $20 million USD in the Generation Unlimited plan, centered at empowering the youth of Pakistan. The Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed during a high-level meeting attended by key representatives from both organizations.
The signing ceremony,held at the Prime Minister’s House,witnessed the presence of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shebaz Sharif, Chairman of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan, and Deputy Secretary Dr. Muhammad Ali Malik from Prime Minister’s Youth Programme. Representing UNICEF were Mr. Abdullah Fadil, UNICEF Representative in Pakistan, along with Larissa Bruun and Mome Saleem.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Muhammad Shebaz Sharif expressed his commitment to empower the youth of Pakistan, stating, “This investment marks a significant step towards unlocking the potential of our young population. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, we aim to create opportunities for our youth to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress.”Chairman of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan, highlighted the importance of the collaboration, stating, “The Generation Unlimited plan aligns with our vision to provide comprehensive support to the youth of Pakistan. This investment will enable us to implement impactful initiatives that address the challenges faced by our young population.”Generation Unlimited (GenU) is a global partnership working to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens. GenU connects secondary-age education and training to employment and entrepreneurship, empowering every young person to thrive in the world of work.
The $20 million will be utilized to implement various programs under the Generation Unlimited plan, focusing on youth education, skill development, and employability prospects. Special emphasis will be placed on empowering marginalized youth, including young women and the Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) population of Pakistan.Functioning as a public-private youth partnership (PPYP), this partnership will convene stakeholders from the UN, private sector, public entities, and IFIs, under the esteemed leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan as patron in chief. Notably, this collaboration will ensure representation from the youth thereby amplifying their voices in pivotal decision-making processes.

“UNICEF together with the Government of Pakistan is resolute in our commitment to transform these statistics. Through this groundbreaking collaboration, we look forward to bringing together a broad cohort of partners, to create opportunities, empower and pave the way for a brighter future for Pakistan’s youth, said Abdullah Fadil, UNICEF Representative at the ceremony today when speaking about the partnership.
This collaboration between the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme and UNICEF reflects a shared commitment to youth empowerment and underscores the importance of investing in the future of Pakistan.

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