French Authorities Silent on Extremist Asylum-Seekers and Cyber-Terror Activities

While there are specific allegations against Shafiqul Alam, bureau chief of French news agency AFP in Bangladesh of his notorious bias towards Islamists and jihadists and fact-checking editor of the same agency – Qadaruddin Shishir being an activist of Jamaat-e-Islami who has been playing active role in favor of Al Qaeda-connected Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Jamaat-e-Islami and other pro-militancy and India-Hindu hating forces as well as Hamas defenders in Bangladesh, another individual named Pinaki Bhattacharya – who fled Bangladesh and took shelter in France after being accused of producing and selling fake medicines, including sexual drugs as well as ‘Yaba’ tablets – a dangerous drug containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine has also been running extremely vile propaganda targeting India, Hindus, Jews and Israel, while he also been openly running propaganda in favor of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and even Al Qaeda. It may be mentioned here that, prior to fleeing Bangladesh, Pinaki Bhattacharya left Hindu religion and embraced Islam thus enjoying financial and otherwise patronization from Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).

Sitting in France, Pinaki Bhattacharya has been giving instigation to “India Out” movements in Bangladesh, while earlier he had given similar instigations to anti-India elements in Maldives.

According to an Indian website, a self-proclaimed activist Pinaki Bhattacharya is anti-Hindu and anti-India extremist. He has been regularly publishing contents defaming Hindu religion. He even goes further by branding every Hindu as “bastards” while he also does the same with Bangladeshi citizens and media outlets that confront “India Out” activities.

Few years ago, Pinaki Bhattacharya became a diehard anti-India and anti-Hindu propagandist following his religious conversion by leaving Hindu dharma and embracing radical Islam.

It said, Pinaki became popular amongst radical Muslims and anti-India and anti-Hindu bloc in Bangladesh for his jihadist and anti-India publications. He persuaded Bangladeshi Muslims to wage jihad against the Hindus and join jihadist forces in Jammu and Kashmir in India. He also applauds Hamas for killing Israelis and sexually assaulting Israeli and Jewish girls and women.

Another source said, Pinaki Bhattacharya has been collecting fund for pro-Hamas protests in France, while he also gives instigation to Muslim migrants in France and Europe to continue assaults targeting Jews and Hindus. Although such notoriety of Pinaki Bhattacharya as well as AFP journalists Shafiqul Alam and Qadaruddin Shishir have been brought to the attention of French authorities and law enforcement agencies, surprisingly Paris remains totally silent on these issues.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, anti-Semite and anti-India elements including cyberterrorists led by Al Qaeda-connected ultra-Islamist force Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its ideological ally – pro-Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) have started vile propaganda against Blitz for exposing notorious conspiracy of these anti-India and Hindu-hating elements with their recently launched “India Out” campaign aimed at jeopardizing existing cordial relations between Dhaka and New Delhi.

Recently, an anti-India YouTube channel named ‘The Blank Page Official’ released a video said “India has activated powerful assets to counter Bangladesh’s India Out campaign” has made a foul attempt of branding Blitz as an “asset” of India and Israel. It also criticized Blitz for condemning October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel and for terming Hamas as monsters”.

It may be mentioned here that, BNP and its ideological allies including JeI are funding, patronizing and running “India Out” notoriety in Bangladesh, while recently, Dhaka’s leading English newspaper The Daily Star published a lengthy opinion editorial criticizing Blitz and me for branding BNP as an ultra-Islamist and Al Qaeda-connected force.

French Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères, Directorate-General for External Security, Direction Nationale du Renseignement et des Enquêtes Douanières and Police Nationale did not respond to our questions in this regard.

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