Empowering the Next Generation: Ashir Tanveer Sheikh Calls for Women’s Unity in NA-56 Campaign

RAWALPINDI: In a Lady’s Corner meeting held in Union Council 41, Niyarian, Rawalpindi, independent candidate for the National Assembly constituency NA-56, Ashir Tanveer Sheikh, highlighted the importance of women’s participation in shaping the future of the country by providing local employment opportunities for their children. Ashir Tanveer Sheikh, an advocate and aspiring representative, urged women to join him in this mission to ensure a brighter future for their youth.
Drawing a parallel with traditional politicians who appear only during elections, Tanveer emphasized that such figures remain absent for the majority of the five-year term, much like seasonal butterflies that vanish after a short appearance. He urged women to break this cycle by actively engaging in the political process and contributing to the betterment of their communities.
During the meeting, Ashir Tanveer Sheikh stressed the critical role of education in securing a prosperous future for the coming generations. He asserted that educational institutions must meet the demands of modern times, preparing students to illuminate Pakistan’s name globally. Tanveer envisioned a collaborative effort where women join hands to brighten the future for their children and seek employment opportunities for the youth.
Ashir Tanveer Sheikh extended an invitation to women, urging them to join him in this mission and collectively work towards illuminating the future of their children. He highlighted the need for women to actively participate in shaping the destiny of the next generation, ensuring their success and facilitating employment opportunities.
In a heartfelt plea, Tanveer shared his childhood hardships and expressed a desire to spare the upcoming generation from similar challenges. He called upon the community to rally behind his candidacy and cast their votes on February 8, endorsing the “Mike” symbol, to collectively achieve success and pave the way for a successful future for their children.

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